Brand Licensing for Gaming and eSports

Why Brand Licensing?

In 2017, retail sales from software and video game licensed merchandise grew 8.2% from $18.65bn to $19.5bn.

As revenue from video games has now surpassed global box office sales, it's no wonder that this is one of the fastest growing areas within brand licensing, appealing to consumers of all ages.

The rise in popularity of eSports is also contributing to this growth and offers even more opportunities for brands involved in this space to capitalise on an ever increasing fan base eager to purchase licensed products.

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Brand licensing Handbook cover

Brand Licensing Handbook

This guide to brand licensing covers everything from key terminology to industry size, and includes case studies to help you better understand the $280.3bn industry.

Esports report on Licensing

Special Report: eSports

Video games are no longer a solo sport as the genre gives rise to competitive gaming - and it's bringing in the crowds.

Brand Licensing Gaming Report

Special Report: Gaming

The video game industry is moving into crossover content and creating an entirely new way for brands to reach consumers and further expand their IP.

Gaming and eSports at Brand Licensing Europe 2019

As the leading European event dedicated to licensing and brand extension, BLE gives brand owners the platform to showcase their properties and secure partnerships with over 7,800+ retailers and manufacturers to extend their brand into consumer products. This year, Brand Licensing Europe took multiple initiatives to reflect the growing opportunities available to gaming and eSport companies, including:

  • 'The Arcade', an experiential area to educate and inform attendees about video game & esports licensing opportunities. This area will show how video game and esports licensing has evolved into the mainstream, whilst also augmenting the visitor experience.
  • Live content at the show to help educate retailers and manufacturers on why they should consider gaming properties when considering new brands to work with
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Why Visit BLE?

Why visit BLE?

Discover more than 260 brand owners and agents representing 2,500+ properties at Brand Licensing Europe.

What's on at BLE 2019? | Brand Licensing Europe

What's on at BLE?

Explore the live activations, installations and features that took place in 2019.

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Travel & Hotels

Start planning your trip to BLE with our Travel Centre and take advantage of our hotel discounts and more!

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